Moment by Moment Abiding

August 16, 2018



                                                                                        Photo by Anaya Katlego on Unsplash

Since my husband’s departure into the spiritual domain of Heaven, I have discovered an open door to my Father’s House.  The exquisite silence of physical life alone has tuned my ears to the One that Jesus sent to live with me, when He departed for His seat beside Father, in Heaven.  His name is Holy Spirit.

Just as Jesus experienced in His earthly walk, the Holy Spirit is my Comforter.  He tells me what the Father wants me to know in my daily walk; what to say and where to go.  Holy Spirit also guides me to the place in the Bible that is empowered to bring me faith for that walk, renewing my mind as I enter situations that He could see coming and was preparing me for.

God has made me His partner!  How amazing and humbling is that!? Throughout the day, now, Holy Spirit will declare Heavenly Father’s Today-Word, or often, His vision for the future.  God is one who lives outside of time, and so, sees, what for us, is the future. Sometimes, what He share is for me, sometimes it is for an individual; in other instances, He declares His will over a news event, a leader, or a nation.  Holy Spirit gives me insight or understanding of scripture that can be as though a puzzle piece dropped into place, answering a question I had been pondering. He has also has taught me how to turn the scripture for that instance, into a prayer.  My speaking, then, returns the Word back to Heaven, where it can never be void , and will always accomplish what He sent it for.  It’s a privilege to partner with God in causing His will to come to pass, simply by listening, submitting, and speaking what He instructs.

As I walk the end of my earthbound days, I am grateful that the Kingdom of Heaven has embraced me, until the day that I have finished my course and can go Home, to Father, Jesus, and my husband.

AniLo (I am His)


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