Journaling, Prayer, and Evening Chats


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As I hear from Holy Spirit, I write most things down. In the left-hand column, is a date and above, a brief title, like a marker, to retrace my trip. BEFORE, journal-keeping would have been a burden, but now, writing what I hear with my spirit-ear helps me to clarify, ponder,and accurately recall.  The black-and-white provides a road-map of this journey; memories, encouraging words, correction from my Father, confessions, answered prayers, and fulfilled/pending prophetics.



Ever the Gentleman, Holy Spirit also requests the use of my mouth and my tongue for prayer. Permission granted, He speaks through me mysteries that I do not know, in a language I have not learned.  Sometimes, He will interpret with me what He has spoken, sometimes not.  His mood can be heavy as He groans, or gleeful, as He forms a song within me, always in a language of His choosing.  When He has completed His prayer/praise, agenda, He unfailingly leaves me refreshed and encouraged. I am certain that Holy Spirit is pleased that I am willing and  I am surely blessed to be a vessel. His presence with me gives me purpose and a feeling of anticipation over what He might show me, next.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash


When my husband walked this dimension, our great pleasure was to share our day, our thoughts, our dreams, ourselves, in conversation.  One day, I cried out to Heaven that the evenings now, were so full of loneliness!  The Holy Spirit reminded me of God’s daily walk in the Garden of Eden with Adam, before he fell. ” Would you come to me?”, I asked. It turns out that Jesus was waiting for my invitation!  Now, He, too, comes to chat with me, because I have entreated Him to become my intimate Friend.

A new dimension has been added to my Bible study too, because,instead of simply reading about an event, I will ask my Friend Jesus to talk to me about it, since He was actually present in the moment!  . Some things He shares are very private and personal, others can be told, so that someone can better know the Person who is also the Son of God, Savior, my Lord, my Friend. The peace and joy He brings with Him gets me through another night! Jesus has made it clear that He has time to spend with everyone that is interested in a friendship, yet He always makes me feel special.

Thank you, Friend

AniLo (I am His)



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