I Never Thought About It Quite Like That, Jesus

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As I shared in a previous post, Jesus has been coming in to “sit” with me, particularly in the evenings.  Twilight is when I find my loneliness is most acute, and He graciously answeres my invitation in the same way He walked with Adam in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden.  During these times, I’ve made a point of asking Him to tell me, from an intimate perspective, what He saw and felt about events or people written about in the Bible.  After all, I said, “You were there”.  Jesus has given me a whole new perspective, some of which I can share.

For instance, He’s told me about the pain of being taunted as a child out of wedlock.  While all of the other children (especially His half brothers and sisters) spoke to earthly fathers, the boy Jesus was limited  to what was revealed of His Father in the Torah, just parchment and script!

Moreover, He reminded me that scrolls were not readily available as books are today.  The local synagogue had some that were brought out in elaborate ceremony during Shabbat.  Most of the time, studying of Torah was limited to  scribes and scholars in private back rooms. So, the best time to hear, read, and discuss Torah, and therefore to learn of  His Father, was during the Feasts where Jesus was allowed to go to Jerusalem, to the Temple of Herod.  The very most learned Torah scholars were there: scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees.

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It was logical, then, that Jesus wanted  to talk to these men, believing they might be able to share more about His Father; even hoping that they would have profound understanding to relay.  Surely, Jesus reasoned, these devoted men would have a love for His Father, the one who chose them and dictated the Law to Moses.

This was when Jesus parents left Him behind in Jerusalem and got so upset. ( Luke 2:41-52)  It is no wonder, now that I hear Jesus telling me about it, that the teachers were astounded at what Jesus understood, and that this boy did not want to leave Jerusalem with everyone else. This was the closest the hungry Son could come to His Father for many years to come. 

In fact, until He was 30 years old, Jesus could read about His Father, but had never heard His voice ; at least, in His earthly memory.  The much yearned-for moment finally came when Holy Spirit fell on Him and the heavens opened,  during John’s Baptism. In that amazing moment the Son of Man, Jesus, heard, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Finally, His true Father had spoken audible Words to Him; words of blessing  and pride! As Jesus told me about that moment, I felt His joy!

The Quiet Voice helped me to understand  that from that moment on, with the exception of the heart-rending period when the Father turned His face away because His Son became the Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus has never been without the voice OR FACE of His Father.  In my spirit eye, I sensed Jesus’ softened eyes as He declared that, still, the pain of the fatherless is one He knows firsthand, and has a special place of compassion in His heart for.

What a privilege it is to be invited to know the Presence behind the Book.  I have sought the Joy of the Lord, for most of my life, and just now He’s revealed that it is found only at His feet.    And, Hallelujah!, Jesus is not a respecter of persons.  He’s waiting for an invitation from all of His brothers and sisters to come in and be with Him.  Presence over procedure!

Thank you, Jesus

AniLo (I am His)

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